2007 Best Music Poll Winners


Porsches on the Autobahn

Porsches on the Autobahn, or POTA, or simply Porsches, have developed such a mad following in such a short time it’s hard to say who’s more hot. Their shtick — that they are Germans making lo-fi electronic pop music — has a kind of zeitgeist appeal, and thousands of fans thirst to play along. The notorious live set has the quartet jumping around, running through the crowd, and bloodying their own noses with synthesizers. Porsches went on a 35-city tour this year, which is sure to strengthen their growing army and the long looks from the A&R professionals of the record business. Over elementary keyboard action, the lyrics come down like directives. For example, if “This is New Song Happy Dance/Happiness in happy dance /In Germany!” doesn’t get a crowd to wiggle their butt, what would? How about the sight of four white dudes dressed up like suave disco continentals leaping from stage and speakers like monkeys? Currently, the band is in the studio working on a new album while the leader of the team, Volker Dassler, DJs here and there in his spare time. Most recently the synthesizer virtuoso played Cinco de Mayo on the hip Lower East Side with accomplished DJs the Glass and Greenskeepers. The next two runners-up were undoubtedly split by the Hearthrob vote, the Tuesday-night superparty where both drop original re-edits every other week.

— David Day


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