2007 Best Music Poll Winners


World's Greatest Sinners

Hey, everybody’s good at something. And since we don’t know the World’s Greatest Sinners personally, we’ll just take them at their word. What we do know, however, is that on stage this little big band — who capture this category for the second year in a row — is a rockin’ R&B powerhouse fueled by singer Jordan Valentine’s old-school wail and wham, cranked up a couple notches by guitarist Tony Savarino’s vocabulary of classic soul licks, and lit afire by horn players who dig in like the punk love children of the Muscle Shoals and Stax brass sections.

Ricocheting between wry originals and ’60s R&B nuggets, rarely stopping between tunes, their sets at little joints like the Abbey Lounge and Plough and Stars leave listeners breathless. That’s not a word that applies to Valentine and backing singer Georgia Young. Valentine in particular is a veteran of the Bucket of Blood circuit, where five or six sets of hard entertainment is what keeps bikers and other bar beasts from peeling each others’ skins off, and a good singer needs to be able to hold and bend a note in a firestorm of sound — just like she does.

Boston’s lucky to have an outfit like this, who, with seeming effortlessness, keep the high energy, passion, and plain fireworks of genuine soul/R&B/blues alive without fretting about labels or wedging their tongues in their cheeks. What they do isn’t retro. It’s great!

— Ted Drozdowski


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