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CITY: Eau Claire
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “All the Slow Songs (Waiting)”
WEBSITE: http://yohuna.bandcamp.com/

Big things have happened since we picked Yohuna’s Johanne Swanson for our New Mexico artist last year. For one, Swanson has returned to her Wisconsin home. For another, she’s filled out her band with fellow Eau Claire musician Addie Strei, of Adelyn Rose, on guitar and Caleb Johannes, of Truman Peyote, on bass and beats. Crouched low over keyboards and synths, Yohuna and Truman Peyote played their first collaborative set at Boston’s Homegrown III in October. Music ran dreamy. Vibes ran high. Since then, the gang have been touring hard on the FMLY circuit — hitting up Florida’s Total Bummer Fest, getting off the coasts for Midwest March, and now making their way back for FMLY Fest Brooklyn. As with many FMLY bands, Yohuna’s energies have been focused on touring and community-building rather than recording, so their music is best experienced live, but it’s a swoon-worthy brain-melting pop-wonderful experience well worth coming out for.

_Nina Mashurova

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Record Label You Should Know: Pale Noir

Between GL▲SS †33†H, CRIM3S, and WIK▲N, Pale Noir’s roster is so full of triangles, crosses, and experimental darkness, that we can safely declare them the goth-cool capital of the world. Whose house? Witch house.


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