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South Carolina

South Carolina:

Now in 3D!

Now in 3D!

CITY: Greenville
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “I Wanna Go To Prison”

Now in 3D! are South Carolina’s presumptive next big thing, yet rather than keeping it local, they’ve signed up to work with London’s No Front Teeth Records, the guilty party responsible for distributing a smattering of material by the Soda Pop Kids and the Cute Lepers. Those bands both suck, but this new acquisition tells us No Front Teeth have changed their ways. Now in 3D!’s influences list reads like a catalog of CBGB legends and/or prominent pop-punks, but NI3D! employ efficient lo-fi recording techniques and toy with digital bells and whistles, presumably because they like living in 2012. Take heed while scoping their pleasantly furious de facto mission statement, “I Wanna Go to Prison.” It makes a compelling argument for doing lots of crime.

_Barry Thompson

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Record Label You Should Know: Fork & Spoon Records

Those of us harboring condescending attitudes toward Southerners should take a gander at this house of eclectic acts like the basement-ready garage of Chemical Peel, and Coma Cinema’s stunningly bold indie.


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