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Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms

CITY: Omaha
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Perfect Vision”
WEBSITE: http://ickyblossoms.com/

Icky Blossoms, more so than a lot of other synth-pop bands working today, know how to use their machinery to create amazingly dense electronic soundscapes. Formed “in the blizzards of 2011,” the band features the talents of Tilly and the Wall guitarist Derek Pressnall, and throws down the gauntlet when it comes to Omaha indie cred. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful swirl of vocals and instruments, making music that, in the band’s words, “feels so familiar yet unfamiliar, like the sun hitting your face . . . or falling in love.” While we can’t say if Icky Blossoms reminds us of our first crushes, we can say that we’ve fallen in love with their moody and sweet music. Their first record, a self-titled effort produced by Dave Sitek, is sure to be blasting in the headphones of every self-respecting hip kid for the duration of the summer.

_Nick Johnston

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Record Label You Should Know: Slumber Party Records

Alongside another hometown label, Icky Blossoms’ own Saddle Creek Records, Omaha’s Slumber Party presents a bunch of bizarre and sweet bands (Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship, Baby Walrus) for your sleepy listening pleasure.



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