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Witch Baby

Witch Baby

CITY: Honolulu
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Kaleidoscopes”
WEBSITE: http://soundcloud.com/witchbaby

Protip — there’s nothing like dropping a Francesca Lia Block reference to get our attention. You could spray-paint “Weetzie Bat” on the side of your creepy white van and we would get in, no questions asked. Okay, maybe that’s not true, but it is true that Witch Baby, named after the second book in Block’s Dangerous Angels series, are awesome. Since debuting at a roller derby last October, Witch Baby have been playing shows around Honolulu and have landed their track “Kaleidoscopes” on Flux Hawaii’s summer mix tape, alongside our 2011 pick for the state, Clones of the Queen. “Kaleidoscopes” is an addictive pop-punk jam with influences that range from JD Samson to Smashing Pumpkins to Discount (Alison Mosshart’s pre-Kills band). Unfortunately, Witch Baby only has the one song available online currently, but an album is in the works, and if “Kaleidoscopes” is any indication, it’s going to be a blast.

_Nina Mashurova

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Record Label You Should Know: Deep Elm Records

Throughout the 2000s, Deep Elm released albums by emo bands such as the Appleseed Cast and Latterman. They’ve since moved from New York to Maui, where they’ve stayed emo despite beachy chillwave temptations.


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