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Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters

CITY: Orlando

With tight-knit music scenes in Orlando, Tallahassee, and Gainesville, Florida arguably has one of the most burgeoning undergrounds at the moment: Hear Hums’ huge experimental chants and drums, Levek’s Lefse Records soul-pop, Michael Parallax’s spiritual synth songs. Even amid such a fertile scene, Hundred Waters stand out as not just one of the best local acts, but one of the tightest groups going in this country right now. The five-piece’s debut LP, Hundred Waters, pressed by the excellent DIY label Elestial Sound, plays with folksy harmonies and metallic shimmering in a rare way that sounds delicate and complex all at once. All five members contributed to the meticulous songwriting of this artfully crafted, ambient avant-pop album. With multiple singers, plus piano, cello, guitars, various forms of electronics, and percussion, songs like “Gather” and “Caverns” teeter between ethereal and haunting.

_Liz Pelly

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