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Gauntlet Hair

Gauntlet Hair

CITY: Lafayette/Denver

Already scolded by P****fork for their band name back in 2010, Gauntlet Hair have enjoyed a slow and steady climb to the top of the bloggy-buzz mountain. Combining Animal Collective–style vocals over experimental beats and post-dance electronics, BFFs Andy R. (guitar/vocals) and Craig Nice (drums/triggers) excel on noise-pop anthems that need not get all up in your face to be effective. Already on the roster of such labels as Mexican Summer and Dead Oceans (the Indiana home of their 2011 self-titled debut), Gauntlet Hair’s aural call-and-response skill set is most evident on last year’s breakout single “Top Bunk,” which came off like Tears for Fears sprinting through Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik on a multi-day acid trip, awash in colorful grooves that rise up proudly and arch themselves perfectly over the Rockies (or something cliché like that).

_Michael Marotta

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