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CITY: Anchorage
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “All My Friends Are Extinct”
WEBSITE: http://historianak.bandcamp.com

Imagine if Nick Cave and Win Butler stepped into one of Jeff Goldblum’s telepods and formed a whole new human being. The music that this ButlerCave would begin to make would sound a lot like the bizarre and beautiful sounds of Historian. One Anchorage Press reviewer describes their sound as something that will make you “want to rob a bank while wearing leopard-print spandex.” But perhaps the best thing about Historian is that they’re able to synthesize so many different influences into something fresh and interesting. Nowhere is that more present than on their first album, Dream Crusher, a six-song ode to the apocalypse. Singer and keyboardist Nate Hurst croons in such a soulful manner that it elevates the more familiar aspects of their sounds into something special. It may not make you want to commit larceny, but it sure as hell will make you want to follow them till the end.

_Nick Johnston

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Record Label You Should Know: Homeskillet Records

Based out of Sitka (just south of Juneau), HomeSkillet offers an awesome mix of styles, promoting blues, folk, alt-rock, and hip-hop. Who says Alaska isn’t diverse?


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