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CITY: Montana

Colin Meloy

All-Time Best Band: Silkworm
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Colin Meloy
Best New Band: Thurniture

Without representing this or that subgenre of indie rock, Missoula’s Silkworm simply represented a grand and beautifully executed exception to the rules. Their utter lack of attitude or affectation made them the left-handed albinos of ’90s guitar rock, and their no-nonsense approach managed to wangle the respect of nearly every big-deal no-name rock band of the past 10 years (see the documentary, Couldn’t You Wait?: The Story of Silkworm). That their career was cut short by the tragic death of drummer Michael Dahlquist in a 2005 car wreck remains one of rock’s most profound bummers. | Sorry to get all downer there, but hey! Colin Meloy! Proof that the Treasure State can inspire joy — as well as a tendency to dress like an extra from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. | As for Thurniture, look: totally cute name, seem like nice dudes, probably fighting Missoula’s good fight, and “Ten Geniuses” is catchy as hell. There are, like, 10 total bands up there, so we’re just going to publicly declare that Thurniture should headline.

Video: Silkworm

Download: Silkworm, "Bar Ice" (mp3)
Download: Colin Meloy, "We Both Go Down Together (mp3)

Listen: Thurniture, Ten Geniuses