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CITY: Cheyenne
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Collapsed Lungs”

Let’s face it, if you live in Wyoming, you must be an extremely angry person. There’s nothing to do except look at trees and hide from the mountain lions that outnumber the humans. You could buy a gun to protect yourself from their mighty fangs and claws, except guns cost money, and if you had any you wouldn’t be living in Wyoming in the first place. Discounting the nuclear metalectro blood orgy that is Baconhanger (whose official state of residence, sadly, could not be confirmed), Cheyenne’s Reproacher projects the most indignation of any band in Wyoming or possibly the nation. Even by hardcore standards, these guys are mega-pissed — and who’s blaming them? Their Tape MMXII album transmits corrosive, incensed caterwauling that sounds like it comes from the edge of a crumbling civilization.

_Barry Thompson

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Record Label You Should Know: Doesn't exist yet

Good luck trying to get a label off the ground with mountain lions hankering to eat your face off lurking around every corner. If you’re still reading this, we’re taking suggestions.


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