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West Virginia

West Virginia:

Logan Venderlic

Logan Venderlic

CITY: Arvilla
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Travelin’ Tooth Operators”
WEBSITE: http://loganvenderlic.bandcamp.com

One could justifiably give Logan Venderlic flak for Bright Eyes mimicry. Then again, Bright Eyes’ last album, The People’s Key, was pretty underwhelming, so it might be time for their fans to turn to Venderlic’s evocative, unfussy indie pop as an Oberst proxy. The rustic vibe on Venderlic’s self-titled album falls in line with Bright Eye’s more folksy, uplifting output — it’s a little more Cassadaga, a lot less Lifted , and could absolutely serve as background music for a long train ride back for a simple yet cozy hometown you haven’t visited in ages. Or, maybe a ride away from a hometown you’ve never left. Basically, it could be the soundtrack for the first 15 minutes of almost every coming-of-age indie movie, in a good way.

_Barry Thompson

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This Morgantown base has peddled various permutations of atmosphere-altering techno, and occasionally garage punk, since 2010. They also inadvertently made our heads spin by going on Bandcamp and putting the tag “West Virginia” on every artist they’re connected with, regardless of the artist’s actual hometown. For a while, we thought West Virginia was much, much hipper than it probably is.

West Virginia


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