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CITY: Seattle
WEBSITE: http://tacocatdotcom.com/

Tacocat are the sort of band you fall in love with instantly: funny feminist punks playing hook-heavy garage-pop songs with lyrics about “Psychic Death Cats,” gravity bongs, and urinary tract infections: “Thought I had to pee/But that was a lie!/UTI! UTI!” Having regularly played tours of punk houses and makeshift DIY venues, the quartet is touring this summer with Philly brat-punks Slutever."And while their sense of humor is certainly likeable, the band’s feminist punk disposition is radical, too. In an op-ed for The Stranger on sexism in music writing and queer punk scenes, bassist Bree McKenna pointed out that although the band has a sense of humor that might not seem political, they’re still “discussing generally unspeakable issues related to the female body.” And that’s pretty rad.

_Liz Pelly

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Record Label You Should Know: Hardly Art

This Sub Pop offshoot recently released an EP for Tacocat, as well as music by Seapony (last year’s Washington pick), La Sera, and other garage-pop faves. Another excellent upcoming release to look out for is ex–Yellow Fever project Deep Time.


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