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Mirror Kisses

Mirror Kisses

CITY: Harrisonburg
WEBSITE: http://mirrorkisses.com/

If Alex Rodriguez was into cool music but still picked his playlist by band name only, he’d be playing Mirror Kisses in the Yankees clubhouse after every win. Chances are, though, Virginia’s Mirror Kisses aren’t his thing, and for good reason: the synth-pop project of George Clanton creates satin-jacket pop music with one nasty Human League fetish. Originally conceived in 2008 with their Soaking Wet album, Mirror Kisses went dry for three years before resurfacing with last year’s split vinyl LP with Kid’s Garden, Clanton’s other band. Standout track “Proud,” off this month’s Bad Dreams record, turns up the bass and the vocal baritone, transporting us back to the golden age of synth-disco with a classic warmth and vibe usually reserved for the beat-up cassettes your slutty older sister passed on to you two decades ago.

_Michael Marotta

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Record Label You Should Know: Chill Mega Chill Records

Born just last year, the DIY label home to Mirror Kisses has teamed up with Portals for a must-hear summer mix tape featuring Koko Beware, Day Joy, and 35 others. Get it.


Mix Tape