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Happy Jawbone Family Band

Happy Jawbone Family Band

CITY: Brattleboro
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Book of Fire”
WEBSITE: http://happyjawbone.com/

“Big sound. Sounds like 2011 but bigger. Recorded with big-time mics by a real pro. Minimum dust cloud. Maximum fever. Even people with bad taste are thrilled with that midnight sucker punch. It hits like a half ton of silk.” That’s what Happy Jawbone Family Band have to say about their latest record, O.K. Midnight, You Win!, and that’s what Happy Jawbone Family Band are all about. Family values. Loveable weirdness. Open-armed New England folk enthusiasm. Sunglasses on stage-wearing, tambourine-shaking sing-along-inducing good times.O.K. Midnight, out on Feeding Tube Records, is just as catchy and only slightly less delirious than their debut albums, On the Wrong Side of the Candy Machine and Family Matters, which were each 40-track-long odysseys through hits like “I Saw Charlie Chaplin in a Piece of Steak” and “This Cold Wind, I Didn’t Mean 4 it 2 B SOOO Cold.”

_Nina Mashurova

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Record Label You Should Know: Spooky Town

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