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Rhode Island

Rhode Island:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr.

CITY: Providence
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Hoverboards”
WEBSITE: http://soundcloud.com/kareem-abdul-jabbar-jr

Honestly, this may be one of the best band names on the list this year, and it’s a wonder why the real Jabbar Jr. hasn’t put down a cease-and-desist lawsuit. We hope he doesn’t, though, because these fresh beats would make any jury acquit. KAJJ is the bedroom project of Providence resident Elliott Romano, who has been posting his cool tunes to Soundcloud since 2011. His work has a much more ambient quality to it than, say, Washed Out, and actually feels like music you could chill to after celebrating decriminalization laws being passed. Above all, Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr. proves that chillwave still has a ton of life hiding beneath the surface, and that the scene may not apex with the mainstream recognition that Portlandia gave it.

_Nick Johnston

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Record Label You Should Know: Load Records

This Providence label has steadily been releasing avant-garde, noise, and experimental music since 1993, and has seen a revival of sorts with releases from Lightning Bolt and Noxagt.

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