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CITY: Philadelphia
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Valentimes Day”

Twee pop is a hard genre to get right. Sometimes it can sound overly cutesy (read: annoying), but other times, with the right sort of garage-punk backbone, it can make for the best sort of pop songs. So we’re glad to report that since their first, ultra-twee full-length, Philly quartet Catnaps have found a perfect balance, incorporating some angsty ’90s radio-pop vox inspiration for good measure. There are also hints of straight-up pop-punk and Shangri-Las-like lyrics on their recent, immediately infectious singles, “Valentimes Day” and “Johnny,” both of which they rocked when they played NYC PopFest back in May.

_Liz Pelly

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Record Label You Should Know: Hot Green Records

Owned by Philly’s own Algernon Cadwallader, Hot Green has a whole catalogue of rad pop-punk, including the excellent full-length by Hop Along, their debut as a full band.



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