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CITY: Tulsa/Norman
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Try Me Out Sometime”

From time to time, Oklahoma randomly produces an indie-rock gem. Consider Broncho the next in line. The Tulsa quartet already has a leg up, fronted by Starlight Mints keyboardist Ryan Lindsey, but take a listen to their 2011 debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and you will quickly realize that their music can stand tall on its own. Broncho’s buzzy sound is clean-shaven garage rock. While fuzz, reverb, and distortion may be all the rave, Broncho show confidence in their craft, opting for a more polished guitar sound with the chunky riffs of “I Don’t Really Want To Be Social.” There’s certainly a throwback quality to their tunes as well, a barroom grit that traces back to the ’70s motor-rock of Thin Lizzy or the Stooges. The group is no vintage cover band, however, and would be the first to ensure, “It’s not nostalgia, it’s natural.” Broncho seamlessly blends the feel-good grooves of yesteryear with modern-day rock.

_Perry Eaton

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Record Label You Should Know: Nice People Records

Norman-based Nice People plucks locals who would otherwise remain in Bandcamp purgatory, and delivers them to the masses.



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