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North Dakota

North Dakota:

Secret Cities

Secret Cities

CITY: Fargo

Psychedelic music doesn’t always have to be dark and sinister. Fargo’s Secret Cities know how to make it rather vibrant and blissful. The trio take simple pop constructions and adds a signature quirky twinge, reflecting accents of the past, but pushing for the modern. With two LPs to their name already, Secret Cities may be young, but they have enough experience to have refined their sound throughout the course of their existence. At this point, their songwriting seems to celebrate jovial harmonies with Brian Wilson–style backup vocals. Their songs reflect a melting pot of influences, however, perhaps attributable to their isolated Midwestern location. The haunting freak-folk falsettos of Charlie Gokey present one very distinct angle, while the coy serenades of MJ Parker creep up in a very different way. It’s when the two lock up on vocals that they really thrive, and their tunes are taken to a more palatable level. For the first time since perhaps the Coen Brothers, Fargo is back on the map.

_Perry Eaton

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Record Label You Should Know: Zuzuki Records

Zuzuki has released albums from a handful of locals, but if you’re thinking of starting a label in North Dakota, you won’t face much competition.

North Dakota


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