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North Carolina

North Carolina:

Cassis Orange

Cassis Orange

CITY: Chapel Hill

With all of the bullshit surrounding the NC legislature this year, it’s a wonder that the state hasn’t tried to pass a Footloose-esque ban on dancing or good tunes. Songwriter and bandleader Autumn Ehinger’s project has only released one EP on Bandcamp, but their local following is loud, and they’re good enough for any self-styled “libertarian” to declare them dangerous. The band’s line-up isn’t exactly consistent outside of her efforts, but she has an ear for complementary talent. There’s a fun sense of spontaneity in both the recordings and her live shows, and the sound gently fluctuates from operatic synth-pop to a fuzzy, quiet moan. All in all, Ehinger’s music goes down as easily as the Japanese cocktail she takes her name from, and it’s something you’ll want to order more than once.

_Nick Johnston

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Record Label You Should Know: Trekky Records

Near Durham-based behemoth Merge, Chapel Hill’s Trekky is the triangle’s indie workhorse, putting out releases by several bands (Midtown Dickens, Lost in the Trees) that almost made this year’s list.

North Carolina


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