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New York:



CITY: Brooklyn

If the only things we knew about Brooklyn pop quintet Friends were the radical glam-pop numbers that appear on their new LP for Fat Possum, Manifest!, we’d still be pretty convinced that they’re the best new band in New York. It’s one of the best records of the year, full of moody love songs, angst-ridden dance-floor hits with sultry vocals, ’80s-New-York jams with pop-funk bass, Tropicália-inspired percussion, and catchy-as-hell hooks. But coming from the tight-knit underground burgeoning in Brooklyn’s makeshift venues and art spaces, their community-centric sentiments are part of their undeniable appeal. “It’s definitely influenced the way that the band has grown and the way I’ve performed,” front-lady Samantha Urbani told the Phoenix in March. “Something about there being such a strong sense of community. I love the idea of us all being friends, putting on shows . . . everybody playing for each other and creating a world of our own.”

_Liz Pelly

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Record Label You Should Know: Captured Tracks

We jokingly referred to this feature as “50 Bands, 50 Captured Tracks.” But the Brooklyn label is rare in that it takes chances on new bands, believing in its acts from the start of their careers. It just might be our favorite label in the world.


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