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New Mexico

New Mexico:

Tropical Girls

Tropical Girls

CITY: Albuquerque

For whatever reason, Internet-based Chill Mega Chill Records (also behind releases by Virginia pick Mirror Kisses and Boston’s own Abadabad) put out Nightmare Sounds, the full-length by Tropical Girls (a/k/a Gary Madrid) back in November. Not sure if anyone told them, but this would have been way better suited for a June or July release date: sunny electro-pop, bleepy late-night synths under high-pitched lyrics. “Follow me to a place where we party all night long,” he sings. “Bring the good vibes, hot chicks, cool dudes all along.” Sure, it sounds like Gary Madrid is just some kid with a MacBook pushing buttons in his bedroom and auto-tuning his vocals, but isn’t that how all post-chillwave, highly bloggable anti-pop stars with releases by micro-label dudes they never met IRL are born in 2K12?

_Liz Pelly

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