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The Restless Suns

The Restless Suns

CITY: Las Vegas
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Breath of the Buffalo”

A recent Las Vegas Weekly write-up avows that Restless Suns aren’t a new band so much as the most recent incarnation of a quartet who have been kicking around Vegas for some time. But when we envision a high-speed police chase down a strip of desert highway that’s starting to look a lot like Bat Country, Restless Suns’ sinister yet wholly groovy psych encapsulates precisely what we’d blast on the rented Eldorado’s stereo. That isn’t to say the scorching guitar washes and slow-pummeling drums on tracks like “Breath of the Buffalo” and “Creature” have anything to do with Hunter S. Thompson — except for the overtones of psilocybin and danger.

_Barry Thompson

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Record Label You Should Know: Slovenly Recordings

In 2002, GG Allin rose from the dead, moved to Reno, and founded Slovenly (we’re guessing). Sample some of zombie Allin’s nouveau darklings: Gay Anniversary’s cataclysmic digi-punk; J.C. Satan’s plodding antichrist psych; plus horrendous-yet-sort-of-awesome EP titles like He Got Stabbed in the Throat by New Coke and I Want To Fuck All the Girls in My School by Bazooka.


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