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The Be Helds

The Be Helds

CITY: Missoula
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Just Dreamin”


The Be Helds make the kind of charming, eternally catchy garage-pop that seems ready-made for a campfire sing-a-long. Sure, the chords are simple, and some of their tracks blend together — but it’s pretty much impossible to listen to a song like “Just Dreamin’” and not feel a sudden, overwhelming urge to abandon all of your responsibilities, pitch a tent on a beach somewhere, and stuff your face with s’mores until dawn. On the aforementioned track, the Be Helds bury a foolproof melody and gang vocals under wall-of-sound production, then top it off with a couple surf-y riffs and a too-cool-for-school attitude. Last year, the Missoula duo put out Vol. 1, a whole LP’s worth of short-and-sweet jams fit for the fireside. Even though garage-pop seems to be everywhere right now, it’s still obvious when a fresh-faced band get it right.

_Patrick McDermott

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Record Label You Should Know: Wantage USA

An independent record label and distributor based in Missoula; they organize the annual, three-day, non-commercial music festival Total Fest. The Be Helds are on this year’s stacked lineup.


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