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CITY: Kansas City

When Scammers played Dreamhaus on April 20, it was less a show and more of an “I wonder when the floor will collapse” dance party. Phil Diamond’s deadpan drawl half-crooning, half-rapping over manic beats sent the crowd into such a frenzy that it took until the end of the set to notice that the catalyst to the chaos wasn’t a full band fortified with loop pedals, but a single tattooed dude prowling his way through the crowd. “I know the price of coffee is offensive at best, but darling take a look at that vacuum-sealed sandwich,” he sang, climbing a couch. “I don’t know why you trust the gleaming badge on my chest/I only want to handle your baggage.” The latest Scammers EP is called Magic Carpet Ride and features exclusively Aladdin-themed songs. We might be getting punk’d, but we like it.

_Nina Mashurova

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Record Label You Should Know: Second Nature Recordings

This Kansas City label evolved from a ’zine over a decade ago, and is responsible for the Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, and a legion of teenagers in heavy eyeliner.


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