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Dent May

Dent May

CITY: Oxford

Sometimes it seems like everyone involved in the independent music world eventually moves to New York or Los Angeles. So it’s refreshing to see folks like psych-pop heroes Dent May stay true to their hometown. Dent seems a little conflicted, though. “Don’t want to move to Southern California/I wasn’t really meant for LA,” he sings on his recent single “Home Groan,” “And New York City just ain’t my style, so this town is where I guess I will stay.” The track comes from his most recent LP, Do Things, out via Animal Collective’s Paw Trax label. “Every night as I sleep, I dream about a place for me,” he continues. “When I wake, I realize, that where I’m at will do just fine/So when I’m dying, I won’t be trying to still plan my escape.” He’s probably onto something there.

_Liz Pelly

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Record Label You Should Know: Cats Purring

Technically they are a “North Mississippi Infotainment Cult,” but they’ve put out some records too, by Bass Drum of Death, Dead Gaze, and more. Dent May helps run the Cats Purring Dude Ranch, which has become pretty legendary in indie-rock circles.



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