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Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz

CITY: Northampton
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Silver Spring"
WEBSITE: http://speedyortiz.livejournal.com

The first listen to Speedy Ortiz’s “Taylor Swift” creates a feeling that’s hard to pinpoint. It’s like stumbling across Cinemax After Dark as a teenager — it may be uncomfortable, it may be beautiful, or it may be something in between. Poignant, and dirty, at times, it is Speedy Ortiz’s sly way of conjuring up interesting emotions, and it is making tidal waves out of Western Mass. Even in their infancy, the quartet already has three releases, the latest of which, Sports EP, they will be touring the country behind all summer long. Speedy Ortiz channels the Gen-X angst that never went stale, both in their grungy instrumental rumble and in the fearless songwriting of lead lady Sadie Dupuis. While their sound may make ’90s kids feel at home, it sticks around to pluck the heads off their Barbies, drink all their whiskey, and send a big “fuck you” to the Man. The result is everything you would want representing our fine commonwealth.

_Perry Eaton

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