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Fake Natives

Fake Natives

CITY: Manhattan
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "West is Best"
WEBSITE: http://fakenatives.tumblr.com/

Desert rock has never been so upbeat, thanks to Fake Natives. The Manhattan quintet could easily soundtrack your favorite country-western film, with guitar-driven gallops and lead singer Dan Hornsby’s wicked yelps. But don’t let their location or their concept occupy all of your attention. Despite the imagery of cowboys and Indians, this is a band that can embody more of a Brooklyn-inspired vibe, with spacey vocals and a dulled twang. Their sound is brought to a joyous and rollicking level, however, with their wild trumpet lines that add hints of mariachi at times, and pacified jazz tones at others. Jubilant dance-rock tunes like “Navajo Rug” and “Geronimo” make for possible road-trip anthems, while slower, more pensive songwriting efforts like “Settler” keep the band well in balance. All together, Fake Natives’ debut full-length is a Bandcamp stud that could easily make waves out of the that other Manhattan.

_Perry Eaton

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Record Label You Should Know: Whatever Forever Records

Supplying Lawrence bands with limited-edition tape releases, Whatever Forever throws frequent pizza-party shows called Pizza Power.


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