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White Flashes

White Flashes

CITY: Des Moines
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "February 27, 1974”
WEBSITE: http://whiteflashes.bandcamp.com/

When we think of White Flashes over the rolling hills of Iowa, what first comes to mind are shakily shot home VHS recordings of UFOs streaking across high rows of cornstalks. If one of those ships beamed us up and took us aboard, the noises heard wouldn’t be aggressive clanking or shrieking mechanical cacophony; we’d hear the chilled-out ambient sounds of a man named Dustin, who crafts meticulous 3D kaleidoscope-pop that gives a 21st-century answer to a very 20th-century question: What Would Brian Eno Do (WWBED)? “February 27, 1974” (the night of an abduction, perhaps? Travis Walton was taken from Arizona less than two years later) is a seven-and-a-half-minute sonic experience, an electronic movement of sense and sound that’s pretty much the reason we invest so much money in decent headphones. A new record is expected by the end of summer; until then, step in and float away.

_Michael Marotta

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Record Label You Should Know: Pinnacle Records

Started by Darren Hushak as a means to release his friends’ music, Pinnacle is also tied into Hushak’s own recording studio, installed inside a four-bedroom house in Ames.


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