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CITY: Bloomington
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “Couch Surfer”

The idea of going to the beach is almost always loads more fun than actually going to the beach. The gentle effervescence of Triptides’ lo-fi take on classic surf projects the pleasant, sigh-inducing chill of an ocean’s breeze, but doesn’t require you to get sand in your shoes or cringe at the sight of half-naked old people and/or children. Despite producing music that’s designed for leisure, these three would-be wave-jockeys ain’t lazy. Within two years, they’ve churned out enough bum-rattling material to score three Frankie and Annette flicks. A nation-crossing tour and yet another fresh full-length loom on their sunset-soaked horizon. Wow, and they even have a manager.

_Barry Thompson

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Record Label You Should Know: Magnetic South

As music elitists, you’re probably already familiar with Secretly Canadian. So, let’s talk about Bloomington’s cassette-specialists Magnetic South. Their recent tapey endeavors include the anti-musical drones of Thee Open Sex and the retro-rock acid freak show of Apache Dropout.


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