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CITY: Chicago
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Hibernation Sickness"
WEBSITE: http://disappearsdisappears.blogspot.com/

In a city known for blues and comedy, there’s nothing bluesy or funny about Chicago quartet Disappears. Perhaps that’s why we were intrigued by their stealthy, reverbed psychedelic noise. Their songs don’t unleash storms of distorted guitar to make impressions, but rather rely on chunky bass lines and slow-building grooves to create naturally creepy crescendos. Lead singer Brian Case’s monotone adds grounded and contained elements as the drone of dueling guitar grows with intensity. To add to the band’s punch, they recently recruited Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, a man who is all too familiar with the ins and outs of noise rock. With Shelley’s help, and two LPs under their belt, Disappears are a household name in their native city, and they’ve had the opportunity to tour the States and Europe extensively. In a music haven like Chicago, we’re convinced they’ll do just fine.

_Perry Eaton

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Record Label You Should Know: Drag City

Working with everyone from Ty Segall to Silver Jews, it remains one of the Midwest’s staple indie labels despite being just more than 20 years old.



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