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CITY: Boise
WEBSITE: http://teens.bandcamp.com

Every time we tell people about the Phoenix’s annual “50 Bands 50 States” issue, there’s always jokes about finding good new bands in those “far out there” states; and usually Idaho is the first one people mention. Last year, our debate lasted about six seconds before settling on the atmospheric tranquility of Youth Lagoon (nailed that one), but this year there was a more frenzied discussion about several contenders. Besting the likes of Art Fad, Shades, and Mozam were gritty surf-ish rock quartet Teens. How could they not grab our attention? First, there is no surf in Idaho (even us Massholes know that), and second, the Teens moniker was available? Damn. Teens’ self-titled 2011 full-length is a noisy ’60s-vibing garage-rock record, stripped down to basement basics and remaining deceptively sinister. These Teens should grow into something bigger than the skies over the Gem State. Also, all these dudes are over 21, BTW.


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Record Label You Should Know: Barn Owl Records

A creative collective also based in Boise and home of Teens, Barn Owl is also home to Atomic Mama, Owlright, and Hillfolk Noir.


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