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Quiet Hooves

Quiet Hooves

CITY: Athens
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "hott r nott"
WEBSITE: http://quiethooves.bandcamp.com/

As far as garage rock goes, the standard tends to suggest that simpler is better. Put 12 pieces together and you could either either a calamitous disaster, or what Quiet Hooves achieve: something distinctly beautiful. Their baroque pop style has garage-rock sensibility, but digs deeper with complex constructions and diverse instrumentation. Don’t let their symphonic character rub you the wrong way, though. The tracks off the band’s latest, Saddle Up, range from bass-heavy funk romps to sweeter, more ambient orchestral trips. Quiet Hooves’ whimsical, almost vaudevillian tone remains earthy, with Julian Bozeman’s vocals at the forefront. The result is an eclectic blend of grooves that can go the electronic route — the way Athens contemporaries and last year’s pick Reptar often do — but can also rely on its many components to achieve a more organic approach. Their catchiness and alternative vision made Quiet Hooves a no-brainer for Georgia.


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Record Label You Should Know: Orange Twin

Also out of Athens, Orange Twin has been around for more than 10 years, rallying around in-towners like Jeff Mangum as well as out-of-towners.

_Perry Eaton


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