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CITY: Dover/Wilmington
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Linear Paths"

In the musical void that is Delaware, ambient-electro outfit MATTERS appeared like the first few molecules from the big bang. Having only released an EP, Zen Progress, and a single in summer 2011, they have sort of disappeared off the map, and that’s a damn shame. Essentially, their music sounds like what a MacBook Pro dreams of when it’s not having wet dreams about Siri: glimpses of technology past, our wired present, and the coming singularity. Their rudimentary but aesthetically pleasing sounds are sure to impress on the first listen, and they endure throughout. Here’s hoping they will eventually congeal into something more real, like a name or a face, but for right now, they’re just perfect being the calm, steady “whatever-the-hell they are” at the moment.

_Nick Johnston

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Record Label You Should Know: Jade Tree Records

Wilmington’s Jade Tree remains committed to bringing the best in hardcore and pop-punk, and has featured releases from bands like Fucked Up and Kill Your Idols.


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