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Nightmare Boyzzz

Nightmare Boyzzz

CITY: Muscle Shoals
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: “My Body Breaks Down”

If summer is one long party, Nightmare Boyzzz are like the final sip of plastic-bottle bourbon that you swallow before stripping off your sweat-soaked Beach Boys T-shirt and cannonballing into the pool. The Northern Alabama four-piece channel the youthful, carefree energy of a never-ending backyard rager and transform it into some seriously catchy fuzz-pop. Since last year, they’ve released a steady string of singles that combine blown-out vocals and sunburnt riffs with huge power-pop hooks. “My Body Breaks Down,” the B-side from their split seven-inch with Birmingham’s Younger Siblings, is relentlessly upbeat — even as grim lyrics like “Will you watch as I fade away/Underneath a watery grave” threaten to kill the mood. Because, like any good pop-punk act, Nightmare Boyzzz turn heartbreak and self-loathing into something way more fun.

_Patrick McDermott

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Record Label You Should Know: Happenin’Records

Out of Florence, Happenin’ is a digital/vinyl label that emphasizes experimental sounds and homegrown loyalty — in addition to Nightmare Boyzzz, their stacked roster includes Indianapolis psych-poppers Vacation Club and geek-punk outfit Nowhere Squares.


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