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Sleeper Agent

CITY: Kentucky

Kentucky band Sleeper Agent best new band in 2011

BAND: Sleeper Agent
CITY: Bowling Green
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Proper Taste"

WHY THEM: Some new bands require you to enter a new world in order to comprehend their aesthetic; others, like the boy/girl-vocal-swapping kids in Sleeper Agent, win you over with an overwhelming combination of enthusiasm and boundless energy. Their sing-song buzz is a pretty decent placeholder for Paramore fans looking to move out of the Warped Tour rut of their early teens. The songs have plenty of "whoa"s, like all of the best pop music, and there is enough sunny four-on-the-floor motion to punish the foundations of any venue the band rolls into.

ALSO CONSIDERED: We were tempted to go with the upbeat new-wave smoothness of Louisville synth-crooners the Pass, whose disco-fied dancefloor rush definitely doesn't scream "Kentucky" as it entices you to shimmy to the beat.