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West Virginia

West Virginia:

Jude Universer

CITY: West Virginia

CITY: Shepherdstown
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Cocaine Cowboy," "Rocket"
MYSPACE ADDRESS: myspace.com/judeuniverser
RECORD LABEL: Big Bullet Records

WHY THEM? Jordan Hudkins, under the guise of Jude Universer, pens heartbroken odes to inner schlubbiness, and then ties them to a space shuttle and lights a match to the wick. With double-tracked vocals that lope along all sing-song-y like in a way that can flatteringly be compared to Rivers Cuomo, Hudkins weds loping melodies, out-of-control guitars, and trash-can drums into a powder keg of youthful rock-and-roll exuberance.

BONUS BIT When Jordan isn't hawking his Jude Universer goods to an unsuspecting public, he plays the traps in Shepherdstown power-pop mainstays the Demon Beat.


West Virginia