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Wild Nothing

CITY: Virginia

CITY: Blacksburg
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Summer Holiday," "Our Composition Book"
MYSPACE ADDRESS:myspace.com/wildnothing
RECORD LABEL: Captured Tracks

WHY THEM? Everyone needs new tunes to stare longingly out car windows to. This project from Virginia Tech student and musical wunderkind Jack Tatum (Facepaint, Jack and the Whale) pastes together glossy bits of shimmering 4AD guitars and soft-glow keyboards for a gentle update on those indie-pop tapes that used to live in your glove compartment. On his debut album, Gemini, Tatum sleepwalks through dreamy bedroom dance steps perfected with the Cocteau Twins. He also adds plenty of his own touches, like the phantasm falsettos and plucked arpeggios draped all over Gemini-like flowing curtains on a springtime canopy bed. Righteous.

BONUS BIT! Look out for last fall's cover of the classic Kate Bush psy-ops ballad "Cloudbusting."