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Woven Bones

CITY: Texas

CITY: Austin
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Your Way with My Life," "If You're Gold, I'm Gone"
MYSPACE ADDRESS: myspace.com/wovenbones

WHY THEM? Woven Bones one-upped the whole catalogue of the Black Lips in the beer-breath audio-spew department on their brand new LP, In and Out and Back Again, last month. It's not the sandblasted-speaker aesthetic — though they have that down — but the sputtering V8 rhythm section that the Bones really nail. Part Cramps scowl, part Stooges rubber rhythm muscle, and part booze migraine, the busted-jukebox screeds of the Woven Bones sound like they were beamed in from Sputnik through a tin-foil antenna in the trailer of some John Waters extra. There's some depraved Texas go-go boogie cheese growing in the cave this trio records in. The really stinky kind.

BONUS BIT! Singer/guitarist Andrew Burr told Stereogum that he was fired from his job washing dishes last fall after getting caught booking a tour on his cell phone.