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South Carolina

South Carolina:

Coma Cinema

CITY: South Carolina

CITY: Columbia
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Only," "Stupid Blood"
RECORD LABEL: Arcade Sound Ltd.

WHY THEM? It's easy to see Coma Cinema's languid tempos, funeral-parlor organs, and watery cymbals as red flags for a possible round one of chillwave pretenders. And though that's surely rearing its head, don't point your finger at Mat Cothran, the single force behind Coma Cinema's quietly surging tide of goosebump guitars and scratched-out suicide notes. Debut full-length Stoned Alone dropped for free this spring after languishing for years in Cothran's bedroom, but he dodges the sheets of reverb that even our fave home-brewed bands can't seem to shake. The result is a crystal-clear record of spine-tingling summer bummers without equal.

BONUS BIT! If you've heard the music and you're ready to get serious, pony up with a few bucks for the limited cassette-tape release of Stoned Alone. Yessssssssssssss.