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Rhode Island

Rhode Island:

What Cheer? Brigade

CITY: Rhode Island

CITY: Providence
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Saiyan re Saiyan," "Dum Maro Dum"
MYSPACE ADDRESS: myspace.com/whatcheerbrigade
RECORD LABEL Anchor Brain Records

WHY THEM? Look, we all know that Providence has always been a breeding ground for musical weirdoes — but that still didn't prepare us for the strange awesomeness that is the What Cheer? Brigade, a (wait for it) 19-piece brass and percussion band that wear scary ripped outfits and masks and terrify club denizens with . . . marching-band variants on Bollywood tunes? It's official now, someone has come up with something; but the great thing is that the WCB perpetrate their brass-section terror with such a singular pep. After all, how many mosh pits can be made to march in unison to '70s Indian movie themes?

BONUS BIT Because the band's drum-corp line-up requires no amplification, they've come up with an apt genre for themselves: Luddite Hardcore. Catchy!