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Puffy Areolas

CITY: Ohio

CITY: Toledo/Cleveland
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Deathcraze," "Night of the Assassins"
MYSPACE ADDRESS: myspace.com/puffyareolas
RECORD LABEL: Thrill Jockey/Slitbreeze

WHY THEM? Because sometimes you spend so much time obsessing over frilly details that you forget how fucking rad it is when all hell breaks lose. Not everyone should be attempting the kind of switchblade eardrum assault that Puffy Areolas commit to every inch of tape that comes close to them — we still have that yearly quota to fill of four-tracked neo–Brian Wilson "masterpieces." But if more psych bands took as many leads from B-movie horror freakouts and old-school West Coast hardcore as the Areolas do, people other than pasty record-store clerks might start paying attention. Homeland Security agents, for starters.

BONUS BIT! Dig a bit deeper and you'll find Detroit's still-active Tyvek, the retina-searing proto-punk outfit Puffy guitarist Damon Sturdivant rolled with before this.