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CITY: Massachusetts

CITY: Worcester
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Living in America," "Jesus"
RECORD LABEL: Burning Mill

WHY THEM? With a breathlessly glittering stomp, the tunes of this Wormtown crew manage both to confuse and delight, bending and shaping voice and sound and dance and rock and pop into a great big gleaming pyramid of glimmering beauty. Like all great Bay State acts of note, they've managed to leapfrog the pitfall of local scenesterism and go straight for the immediate bliss of international indie-crit hype — but it's hard to hold anything like that against them when the jams are so tight. A tune like "Living in America" is the kind of anthemic synth blast that you play at a party when the only way to get people to talk to you is to get them to ask you "Dude, who is this?"

BONUS BIT! Dom are not only a band but a person, and a somewhat attention-shy person at that, since Dominic hasn't revealed his last name (nor, come to think of it, has anyone else in the band). Something about owing money, if you believe stories like that from bands trying to build a mythology.