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Giant Cloud

CITY: Louisiana

CITY: New Orleans
SONG THAT GOT US: "Rainbows"
RECORD LABEL: Park the Van

WHY THEM? Sometimes a band hits on a sound so squarely that even their band name sums it up. Giant Cloud's cumulus-formation space rock is exactly what it sounds like it will be: light and airy, cheery and still foreboding, a mile away and visible anywhere. Ben and Julie Jones create drifting melodic lines with both instruments and voices that make waves in the air, occasionally meeting up with each other in beautiful tandem motions that speed up and slow down with the whim of the tune as if the very air dictates it to be so.

BONUS BIT! Although now entrenched in NOLA, the Cloud originally hail from a small town in northern Louisiana called Ruston — home to another older large pop collective, Neutral Milk Hotel.