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CITY: Arizona

CITY: Tempe
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Cabin," "I Am Mountains"
MYSPACE ADDRESS: myspace.com/hellkitemusic
RECORD LABEL: Gilgongo Records

WHY THEM? Bands may be boycotting the state to protest the controversial SB1070, but residents are doing just fine, thank you, with their own homegrown talent. That includes Ann Marie Phillipp, a/k/a Hell-Kite, whose minimalist doom-folk gives ’Zona its very own pre-Greatest Chan Marshall — if she’d gotten mixed up with Liz “Grouper” Harris and any number of metal bands. On the surface, Hell-Kite may sound like an ordinary hazy desert afternoon, but she’s got a darkness to her; she’s more like a bout with Valley Fever (in the best way possible).

BONUS BIT! If you google around for Hell-Kite, you can hear her doing a Sheryl Crow cover live.