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Moon Knights

CITY: Alaska


CITY: Anchorage
SONGS THAT GOT US: "Ghost Horizon," "Real Nerds Die Alone"
RECORD LABEL: Volatile Rock, Reverse Retro

WHY THEM? Beat Happening is the lingua franca of indie rockers from Austin to, well, Anchorage. For those who doubt the reach of Calvin Johnson’s cuddly grasp, look no further than Moon Knights for verification. The quartet makes melodic, noisy pop, replete with a female vocalist, fuzz pedals, an endearingly lousy saxophonist, and a keytar. Whether it’s the frozen tundra or the threat of wolf attack, it seems braver to be twee when you can see Russia from your backyard than it does when you’re chilling in Portland or Philly. We salute the Anchorage art-rockers for their refusal to submit to the grindcore and bluegrass proclivities of their Alaskan brethren.

BONUS BIT! The Moon Knights’ Twitter feed (@themoonknights) provides a rare, poignant glimpse into the lives of political progressives who live in the state that elected a woman named Sarah.