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New York

New York:

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CITY: New York(1)

new york

CITY: New York City
SONG THAT GOT US: “Elevator Fck”
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RECORD LABEL: Natural Selection

WHY THEM? If 2009 — with all of its Dirty Projecting, Cryptacizing, and Animal . . . Collectiving — truly is the Year of the Destabilized Pop Song . . . well, this still won’t be Capillary Action’s year. Winning over legions of Les Claypool fans at home and hordes of soul-patched jazz hippies abroad doesn’t quite lube up the fast track to indie stardom. Nor do songs that sound like both Elvises in a serious Burt Bachawreck with the Mothers of Invention. But even as this all-acoustic quintet pull their best white-rabbit impression, darting behind any available obstruction, it’s clear they want you to follow them — and Jonathan Pfeffer makes sure his soaring, seizing, stammering, polymath out-bursts are worth following. “Elevator Fck,” for instance, is as impossible to forget as it is to hum.

BONUS BIT! Immediately after performing “Elevator Fck” for a German radio show, the host rushed up to ask Pfeffer, “Why do you do that? That kind of music?” Pfeffer’s reply: “I don’t have a choice.”