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Child Bite

CITY: Michigan


CITY: Detroit
SONG THAT GOT US: “Never Ending Mountain Slammer”
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RECORD LABELS: Suburban Sprawl Music, Joyful Noise Recordings

WHY THEM? Rare is the no-wave band that sends you home with a big smile and a few hooks to remember them by. Sure, there’s the sly funk and manic yelps while guitars limp through inadvisable harmonies and splat off-key chords. But just when you think you’re not gonna make any friends at this show, Detroit’s Child Bite toss you a rope with a triumphant sing-along chorus from a Madness throwaway or the cruising shards of a hair-metal anthem. Lore goes that their songs are cobbled together from recorded bits of unwieldy jam sessions on Shawn Knight’s computer, and then re-learned as though they were, well, actual songs. This goes a long way toward explaining Child Bite’s unique damage, which goes way further than art.

BONUS BIT! Extra points for the joystick-controlled synth.