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CITY: Texas

White Denim 

All-Time Best Band: 13th Floor Elevators
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Roy Orbison
Best New Band: White Denim

Roky Erickson and his band of outsiders might not live at the top of your iTunes (even when sorted alphabetically), but a Texas helping of the bands you do have on there can thank the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS for any traces of raw, shimmering, fuck-all drugginess. For some just-literal-enough homage to their prowess, look no further than their hometown of Austin itself, and bands like the Black Angels, the Strange Boys, and Acid Tomb. | ROY ORBISON makes us cry — all of us. Actually, it’s more like sobbing. And when he sings about crying, it goes to bawling. And when we think about the Traveling Wilburys, it’s more like a petulant whimper. Still, there’ll never be another tenor like Roy’s, and no one will ever again be able to wear shades inside all the time without looking like a jerk. (You listening, Bono?) | Yup. That’s right, 13th Floor Elevators, Roy Orbison, and the stylized garage wreck of Austin’s WHITE DENIM. Before you punch us right in the fancy glasses, help yourself to a slice of the three-piece’s sloppy-good, punk-funk bedlam (like the raw title track off their new 7-inch, “Let’s Talk About It”).

Video: 13th Floor Elevators
Video: Roy Orbison

Listen: 13th Floor Elevators, "You're Gonna Miss Me"

Listen: Roy Orbison, "Only the Lonely"

Listen: White Denim, "I Can Tell You"