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CITY: Pennsylvania


All-Time Best Band: The Roots
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Trent Reznor
Best New Band: Santogold
It’s difficult to deny the massive majesty of the ROOTS. Their (at one time) one-of-a-kind live approach straight-up reinvented the whole genre of hip-hop, redefining the glorious Philly sound in the process. Best of all, they continue to re-imagine themselves as artists. As well they should — after all, a live hip-hop band that begins to coast is playing a dangerous game on the edge of the jam-band slope. | Spend a few days in suburban Pennsylvania and suddenly TRENT REZNOR’s career of shrieking bloody murder makes a lot more sense. He’s the Prince of all things post-industrial — and yes, we mean the old howling guy in tight slacks. | Now that M.I.A. has “retired,” everyone can drop that bullcorn about SANTOGOLD just being some sort of second-rate
shadow figure; she’s so much edgier, tuneful, varied, foxy, and promising. It’s a unique moment when someone can tell you to “shove your hope where it don’t shine,” and it moves you to dance.

Video: The Roots
Video: Trent Reznor

Listen: The Roots, "The Next Movement"

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